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Logo of Artline Globalindo

Est. in 1990

cv. artline globalindo

Artline Globalindo is a home-grown contractor practice evolving in tandem with the building since 1988, founded in 1990 with a deep concern for the built environment and the need to create one stop solution of building excellence. It aims to enrich the human experience and spirit through its planning and interior works.

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Logo of Jasa Metal

Est. in 1992

UD. jasa metal

Jasa Metal was founded in 1992 as subcontractor in metal specialist to support Artline Globalindo. Supplying with few range from metal fences to railings for residential project to commercial building project.

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Logo of Co&Co.

Est. in 2015


In 2015, Artline Globalindo founded another subsidiaries; focusing in interior specialist on customized furniture. 
Meaning behind Co&Co is concept and construct; with the passion of our interior design specialist, we help you to deliver your interior design with a concept before constructing them into furniture.

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Pullman Ciawi by Artline Globalindo


We proudly represent our metal work by Artline Globalindo Group: Jasa Metal at Pullman Resort Ciawi Vimala Hills...

SAAT by Artline Globalindo


SAAT is a Southeast Asia Bible Seminar. Artline Globalindo was requested to do renovations for some area and build a new...

Lariz 615 by Artline Globalindo

LA RIZ 615

Co&Co. finally finished up a show unit which is located in La Riz Mansion condominium, West Surabaya, Indonesia...

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